Oracle Documentation

Oracle Documentation

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Created on Saturday, 06 June 2009 20:02
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Recommended Oracle Documentation for "official" contact with Oracle Support Services one needs a login - with a valid CSI - for Oracle' s Metalink. Oracle documentation of Oracle and white papers : Very interesting discussions / questions and answers with, for, from Mr Thomas Kyte  The website from Mr Jonathan Lewis  The website from Mr Julian Dyke The website from Mr Craig Shallahamer & Co The website from Mr Don Burleson, Mr Mike Ault & Co The website from Mr Tim Gorman The website from Mr Alex Gorbachev & Co The website from Wolfgang Breitling The website from Mr Tim Hall A very good site for discussions, tips, links, documentation

Some other good site where you can find valuable white papers, tips are

Some URL' s redirecting to online bookstores

from Oracle Press

from Rampant Techpress